We focused on industrial computer inkjet printing system field. Using the system can print variety of information about producing product: text description, production date, expiry date, batch number, bar code and specifications and so on. It covers wide range of different products and packing materials. Nowadays, millions of product has labeled through Somijet continuous industrial computer inkjet printing system, including: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, steel, wire, tubing, glass, building materials, automotive, electronics , medical equipment and other industries.

We pursuit constant innovation and always provide you with the best solution of inkjet printing system. Somijet satisfy every customer’s need and efficiency. Somijet has earned a reputation in the market and achieved outstanding performance in reliable and stable, easy operation and low maintenance cost. Our product has passed CE, CUL, FCC, FDA and other certifications. Ink has passed SGS, RoHS and passed no halogen test. Somijet is the most reliable brand of inkjet printer.Somijet is the most reliable brand of inkjet printer.

Solution cares about your needs fully

Research and development team of Somijet uses humanity conception and simplest innovative design conception to highlight the brand differentiation. Somijet makes customers surprised and happy by grasping market. In Somijet, We all fully understand the challenges. We work with you closely, evaluate your needs together and know your producing procedure. Only in this way, we will tell you a separate module or integrated solution modules solution best fits your needs and help you achieve the desired solution. Each types of technology are unique. That is why Somijet has fully inkjet print label technique and suitable for every applications and industries. Now, tell us your whole business needs and procedures so that we can provide you professional making procedures. Somijet will give you achievement of the best effect and quality.