Somijet GS-580 inkjet printer

GS-580’s reliable and stable comes from Somijet quality insistence

  • Electric machinery imported from Japan, Europe and the United States well-known brand components let inkjet print more stable.
  • Classic ink system design has past ten years trial. Flock works together of Somijet.
  • Adopt length counter function in power off status. Even without normal shutdown, we
  • guarantee the function of length counter.
  • Stainless steel printhead makes in high standard design. Not easy to dirty and block. Printing quality is reliable and stable.

Outstanding Performance of GS-580

  • Unique ink control system. The ink and solvent consumption is only 4.5cc/hr. Somijet is industry's most provinces inkjet printer.
  • Somijet has special automatic cleaning function in separate time shutdown. We make sure that turn on unhindered, convenient and unworried.
  • Somijet also uses white ink. White-ink of high-white and strongest adhesion has remarkable and outstanding in similar product. Stir function in non-stop status, we ensure ink is well mixed and printing clearer.

Appearance of GS-580 more practical, easy to maintenance

  • Exquisite appearance, delicate interior and easy to install while moving.
  • Driven by diaphragm pump, it’s more resistant to abrasion, more excellence, and lower cost than the gear pump.
  • The ultimate optimization design internal and the unique separate electric system make maintenance easier and cost cheaper.
  • Friendly Chinese and English interface, phonetic input, by-dot editing, graphic and logo are easy to operate.
  • IP54 high protection class and ten thousands of component aging tests make sure every detail is more stable and lower failure.
  • USB flash drive extension, 1000 files large storage memory. Save data fast and secure. Easy to upgrade program also support RS485 connecting control.

Friendly interface easy to operate

  • Original User Define Fonts System (UDF) function, print anything what you want.
  • Unique ink control system and change ink without shutdown let maintenance easier.
  • User-Define Fonts System, (Referred to as UDF system), the inkjet print font system origin from R&D of somijet, helps customer to make own print font. UDF system achieves lots of language and graphic printing. It is an effective helper of avoiding fake, custom printing.

System design and software integration


        With the core technology and making component technology, GS-580 will provide you any print and installment needs. Moreover, Somijet customized your exclusive connecting print software by gathering software and hardware engineers. Meet your needs is our standard.

GS-580 Standard features

    Continuous inkjet printingeasy to start up;

    ►IP54 industry protection class and stainless steel case suit for bad        


    Automatic nozzle cleaning, automatic on/off button;

    Friendly operate interface, more convenient operate.

    Provide phonetic input, Chinese and English editing function. Message can be

        reversed or inverted;

    Point by point editing; locate any point to edit within edit area;

    Logo and graphics printing;

    Serial number, shift code, clock setting and printing function;

    Time could be offset to hours, 4 clocks could be inserted simultaneously at


    2 serial numbers could be inserted simultaneously at most;

    User-defined fonts, capable of printing anything you want;

    Large memory volume of over 1000 messages could be expanded by USB


    Download message or update program by USB disk through USB connector;

    Automatically adjust viscosity, Non-stop during ink or solvent replacement ;

    Using white ink provides stir function while stopping inkjet printer;

    Length counter run automatically and continuously in power off status;

    Detect printing amount function;

    Specific faults display automatically;

    Search of fault record and date occurred;

    Phase curve tracking function make result of print complete.

    Edit graphics and message by yourself without owning original software.


Font print ability

 Maximum Speed is 1666 characters per second (single line at the lattice of 5*5),      could print 1-4 lines

  Message Height is between 1-20mm, characters could be bolded 9 times

  Font Option: 5*5, 5*7, 7*9, 10*16, 12*16, 16*24, 12*12(Chinese),      



   Automatic heat nozzle;

   Positive air pressure (optional)

   Diameter: 40mm

   Length: 273mm

Connector Tube

    Super flexible pressure-resistance material

    Length: 3 m

    Diameter: 23mm n

    Bending radius: 76.2 mm

Power Supply
  110—220V / 50—60HZ

Working Environment
    Working humidity: 30-90 %( non-condensing)

    Working temperature: 5-45 

External interface function


    NPN/ PNP Product detector connector

    Warning light