Somijet proves a range of service for customers, including: product introduction, installation, accommodation, maintenance, teaching, service at factory and so on. After-sale service is an important measure for unit of product producing, also is the method of enhancing product competitiveness. Our service includes:

  1. Install for customers, product accommodation.
  2. According to customer’s need, execute technical guidance of using machine.
  3. Ensure the supply of maintenance components.
  4. Responsible for the factory maintenance services.
  5. Handle calling and visit, answer customer’s inquiries. Meanwhile, collect customer’s feedback of product quality by variety of ways and timely improvement according to situation.
  • Printing sample plan

    Please send samples to our company, technician will print samples for you and send them back immediately.

  • Local service

    Technicians provide inkjet print professional accommodation and training in order to help you knowing well operation, maintenance. Our technicians know the equipment very well and can make sure your machine start to print normally.

  • After-sale service team

    Related products of Somijet have two-year component warranty, training, service inquiry and other services.